What are Landslides?

Soujanya Karthikeyen
2 min readApr 13, 2021


Today’s blog, is all about landslides, the effect that it has on nature and how it can harm human beings…

Landslide on a hillside road

Landslides or landslip is the motion downslope of a mass of rock, debris, earth or soil. It occurs when gravitational or other types of shear stress (slippage along a plane or planes parallel to the imposed stress) within a slope transcends the shear strength (resilience to shearing) of the elements that form the slope.

Types of Landslides

Landslides are categorized by the type of motion such as slides, flows, topples, spreads, flows, falls.

At times, more than one type of movement occurs because the transitory and spacial relationships of these movements are very often complex.

How does Landslides affect nature and the flora and fauna on it?

Landslides can destroy a beautiful place and make it look like a wrecked battlefield, but it can also harm the life present on the land. Trees and plants will get destroyed, birds and insects depending on those trees or plants lose their source of habitat and food. Herbivorous animals such cows, deer, antelope, etc might die, but even if they did manage to survive, their food would be lost and they would probable die of starvation or get attacked by other healthier animals when they are travelling from their destroyed homes to another safe forest or jungle. Carnivorous or Omnivorous animals depending on these plant-eating animals would starve or die by getting crushed by the wreckage.

How does Landslides affect the Human race?

Landslides also tend to occur in cities or towns were a large population live, when it occurs in places like these there is more wreckage than that of the wild habitat, buildings get demolished, people who live in those buildings get hurt, or worse they die, there is calamity between people and everyone is distressed and perturbed.

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