Top 5 book series you can’t help falling in love with:

Soujanya Karthikeyen
4 min readJan 1, 2021


Book which held me transfixed to the pages of the striking flow of literature…

Top 5 books series which are a must read.


A great series for people who are into Greek mythology. It is a very engaging series with an interesting plot which takes the reader into a whole new world. This book series, written by Rick Riodan engrosses the reader with multiple twists and turns. The book centers the genres of; fantasy, myth, humor and friendship. Riodan brings out the story with a mixture of the modern era and the mythical stories of ancient Greece. This is also an amazing series for superhero fans and it will add a hint of astounding modification fans think of their superheroes.


People who liked Percy Jackson will definitely be enchanted by the ‘Heroes of Olympus’ series which follows Percy’s dangerous but amazing adventure to save Olympus. Yet another epic series written by Rick Riodan has enthralled fans world-wide. The engulfing series of ‘Heroes of Olympus’ will have you captivated by the way the story unfolds. It brings out the everlasting feud between the Greeks and the Romans, who have to make peace with each other as a more heinous war has crept into the world. It continues with some new characters who make the story a whole lot engrossing. The monsters at every place in every country has added more challenges to the heroes and also made the story very immersing.


J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ has enchanted the readers with a new world know one has ever known or thought about. It has brought out a new perspective on witches and wizards who were thought to be evil hags who curse people. Rowling brought in a magical world filled with fantasies which will spell-bind the reader in a way that will make the reader yearn for more and more adventures. The story talks about the most important things in life such as education, friendship, bravery and perception. The series are always fun, no matter how many times you plan to read it. It is a long series of risks, mystery, and suspense which will bring a smile to your face after you complete a book of the impulsive Harry Potter.

2. The Maze Runner

The dystopian sci-fi ‘Maze Runner’ series written by James Dashner will make you turning the pages of the book with thrill and rapt attention to know what happens next. This book is apt for people who are incredibly curious and love books which focuses on science and future inventions. Dashner’s distinct way of bringing in a surprise for the readers will leave them stunned with a mixture of astonishment and disbelief. The book turns through many shocking events which will make the readers get caught in the incredulity.

  1. Hunger Games Trilogy

The famous world of Suzanne Collins’ Panem which hosts the annual ‘Hunger Games’ has brought millions of fans who couldn’t help loving the trilogy based on a 16 year-old girl’s struggle to bring justice to the Districts and the Panem which is controlled by the Capitol. Collins’ unique way of narrating and expounding an event was admired by many. The trilogy can be described as a breathtaking and a wondrous read for people who appreciate wit, impulse, bravery, selflessness and intellect.